On Load Tap Changer Services

1. Servicing and Maintenance of OLTC brand : Easun, Alsthom, MR, ABB, and etc

2. On Load Tap Changer (OLTC) MR: type V, type M, type MS, type H,type T, type R.

    Oil Tap Changer Type: CM & CV

    Scope of work:

- Dismounting and mounting of OLTC insert

- Inspection of insulation distances of the oil compartment and the OLTC insert

- Inspection of the mechanical parts

- Replacement part

- Replacement of the switching oil

- Determination of the contact wear

- Measurement of the transition resistors

- Inspection of the motor drive, drive shaft and protective relay

- Functional test

3. Servicing and Maintenance of Motor Drive Unit : MA7, MA9, ED  

4. Commisioning and Installation of Oil Filter Unit