Oil Temperature Indicator

These instruments are designed to measure the temperature of the insulating oil inside of power transformer tanks and they can fitted with up to five change-over micro switches suitable to control cooling equipments and protection circuits (alarm and trip) of the transformer.

Effectiveness of these instruments must be stressed, both as regards measuring/commutation precision and extreme simplicity of operation.

General Specifications:

Standard measuring ranges: -20 / +130°C; 0 / +150°C; -20 / +140°C; 0 / +160°C; 0 / +200°C.

Capillary tube protection: Rilsan tubing / stainless steel armouring / steel + PVC armouring

Bulb: Bronze

Casing: Aluminium alloy powder painted (RAL 7035) suitable to withstand to any climate and to heavy polluted

            atmosphere in as well tropical or arctic climates (-40 / +70°C).

Mechanical protection degree: IP 65

Lens: Glass or polycarbonate

Locking ring: Nickel plated brass; transparent coated

Measuring tolerance: 1,5% of full scale value

Commutation tolerance: 2% of full scale value

Commutation differential: 4% of full scale value

Insulation : 2000V 50Hz between terminals and earth for a 60 seconds time


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