Winding Temperature Indicator

This Winding Temperature Indicator is designed to measure the temperature of the winding by means of a special bulb surrounded by a heating resistance through which passes a current proportional to the current passing through the transformer winding subject to a given load and immersed in insulating oil at temperature oil. It’s possible to adjust the heating system by means of a potentiometer whose knob is located on the winding temperature indicator’s dial. In this way the value of the winding temperature indicated by the instrument will be equal to the ones planned by the trafo manufacturer for a given transformer load.

The winding temperature indicators can be fitted with up to five change-over microswitches suitable to control cooling equipments and protection circuits (alarm and trip) of the transformer.

General Specifications:

Measuring ranges : 0 / +150°C; 0 / +160°C

Capillary tube protection : Rilsan tubing / stainless steel armouring / steel + PVC armouring

Bulb : Bronze

Casing: Aluminium alloy powder painted (RAL 7035) suitable to withstand to any climate and to heavy polluted atmosphere in as well tropical or artic climates (-40 / +70°C)

Mechanical protection degree : IP 65

Working temperature : -40 / +70°C

Lens : Glass or polycarbonate

Locking ring : Nickel plated brass. Transparent coated

Measuring tolerance : 1,5% of full scale value

Commutation tolerance : 2% of full scale value

Commutation differential: 4% of full scale value

Insulation : 2000V 50Hz between terminals and earth for a 60 seconds time


Winding Temperature Indicator